Monday, August 08, 2005

Jessica 1.0 sends the Gestapo

Someone's a bitch!

I received the email below a short while ago threatening to delete this blog if I don't take Jessica 1.0's info out of my profile.

Maybe everyone should email these Gestaponese
and tell them I am within my right. Either way Jessica 2.0 is not backing down till at least- late-late- tomorrow night and then an Atkins hunger strike will follow.

Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 17:35:48 -0700
From: "Blogger Support"
Subject: [#260653] Notice of Blogger Terms of Service Violation


We have received a complaint of impersonation concerning your blog We ask that you please remove any content
impersonating this individual from your blog (e.g., the 'Jessica Coen'
name and picture in the About Me section and as the display name -
pleasesee our Blogger Help article for details on how to do this: ).

Please note that if you do not comply by 8/11/05, we will be forced to
delete your blog and/or terminate your Blogger account.
Blogger Support

No such thing as brotherly love

My brother in arms weighs in on my new blog albeit briefly.

Jesse writes:
shame it's not funny or amusing or intriguing or anything...

the above is a paid sponsorship

Pope Jennings

I wish my step-brother would start taking bets on how much overcoverage the death of Peter Jennings generates.

Not only will there will be special segments all week long and related news stories, but I bet 3-1, lung cancer will become a hotly debated item and become an excuse for networks to bring in more pundits and medical experts to extend the coverage.

Looks like Peter will be reporting from the grave afterall.

Nadine apologizes for being short

Regarding her interview Nadine writes:

"Sorry my answers are so short! All I had at the beach was a stack of post-it notes and my sidekick, neither of which are very conducive to lengthy responses. Oh, well - sincerely hoping I don't come across as a glib jackass. By the way, I met somebody this weekend who claims to know you (or to have known you at some point) - her name is Caroline and she's Asian, from Trinity HS. I think a Gawker party crash would be *fantastic*." ~ nadine

*Nadine, no need to apologize since we too know how hard it is to go to the beach, relax, and try and answer 19 shallow questions, pressure was on.

I am afraid that the 'glib jackass' stereotype will be following you around for a while no matter who your publicist
is. As far as Caroline, that is Nick's little love slave and my intern that we send out to Gawk, get our drugs, and buy Jesse razors.

It would be great to get the Gawker party crashers to show up at your 25th B-Day party at Marquee. Well if we can't make it on August 24th at 10pm for a one hour open bar at least some people we know can. But can someone please get me my goodie bag?

UPDATE: Jesse Fuller, Nadine's not so smart publicist, warns us to take down the interview

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been alerted to your scam of misrepresenting yourself as Jessica Coen of and have alerted our attorneys. We suggest that you take down your interview with Nadine Haobsh that was intended for, or face legal action.

Jessie Fuller

*Sorry Jessie, next time you should do a little fact checking!