Sunday, August 07, 2005

Two Faced Fags

No matter what you think about A lists or B-lists or C-lists these guys are two-faced pricks.

First he blogged how he liked the blog. Then he changed positions faster then those Paris and Paris kids. Finally, this spineless sub human IM'd me and changed his story again saying it's ok to post family stuff if my alter ego herself put it out there in the blogoshpere.

Judge me how u want, but there is no reason that us snarcacists should recieve any more protection then the celebrites we slam. As for Blogebrity, kiss my cute little ass and go crawl back under that content-less bullshit two colum site. Jarvis was right, it's all about the links, not your trivial and impotent lists.

At 12:10pm he posted how he hates the site. By approx. 12:38pm he had a complete change of heart. Below is our exchange. Read his bullshit for yourself.

jessicacgawker: listen you rock, don't know why you are taking the high road with me
Decaf Silicon: i appreciate it, but dude, you're nearing what many jurisdictions call stalking
jessicacgawker: it's all stuff she posted
jessicacgawker: how is that possible?
Decaf Silicon: links to her dad and her high school?
jessicacgawker: yeah
jessicacgawker: its all in there like Mott's
jessicacgawker: what do you think I am wearing a trench coat and sunglasses
Decaf Silicon: hmm
Decaf Silicon: you know, if you really did get it all from links she already made
Decaf Silicon: i have to admit
Decaf Silicon: (12:39:36) Me: hmm
(12:39:56) Me: you know, if you really did get it all from links she already made
(12:39:59) Me: i have to admit
Decaf Silicon: that seems pretty fair
jessicacgawker: listen it's all fair, as I mentioned those Gawkerites make their living off shit like this, why should they live in glasshouses
jessicacgawker: and throw stones?
jessicacgawker: they are all big kids, you wan't to revel in the limelight? no problem, just be ready for the heat of the lamps


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Mo Banks said...

You rock. This site rocks. What a bunch of assholes. Blogebrity my ass. Fuck Jessica Coen.


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