Sunday, August 07, 2005

Daddy's girl

This guy is partially responsible for yours truly. In a scene that is mentally mortifying and an image I never want to fathom or recall, somehow this guy got really lucky one night and 9 months later out came baby me. Even though I may mention how special July 20th is and how he looks good for 60, please don't call him or send him mail. Google satellite has been reduced to a tool for the Satanic and evil. is a kiss and tell as well.

All this Michigan stuff has got me thinking of my old stomping grounds. How sad self-reflections can be.

Update: Daddy writes back

What can I say, when you've been quoted this very day in the NYT. As I'm (correctly) "partially responsible", you need to wax sentimentally about the other person responsible, AKA Mom. Love, the person f/k/a MPF

Hey now, if I am gonna slam Lindsay and her parents, my parents have to be fair game to some extent too, right?


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