Sunday, August 07, 2005


I wanted to wait till Monday morning to post this, but gossip can't wait and this ain't Gawker.

19 Questions: Nadine Haobsh, Former annoymous blogger now world famous job hunter

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 21:07:14 -0400
Subject: Fw: RE: FW: the real jessica stands up
To: Jessica Coen

From: "Nadine Haobsh"*
*No other blogs give readers tools like this.

Hey Jessica,
Here you go - hope they're up to the Gawker standards! ;)

1. When we emailed you months ago were you getting nervous that your Blog was getting too much attention?

Nervous? Moi? I was simply giddy that you deigned to notice li'l ol'

2. Be honest about the mass email that got you caught, did you mean to send it?

Definitely not. Fun, cushy job with free highlights and massages
thrown in for kicks? I would have held onto that forever.

3. Do you think that blogging about work or inside secrets is in poor

In theory: no. Down with the corporate machine! Truth and sincerity
shall prevail! In actuality: um, yes. Can I have my job back now, please?

4. When did you lose your virginity? Did you kiss and tell or keep it
secret? Who was it?

A lady never kisses and tells.

5. Who are you dating, has the fame gotten you access to some men with
private jets?

I'm holding out for a contract like Katie's. 10 mil for 5 years, baby.

6. If Nick Denton was to start a Gawker beauty and fashion blog do you
think you would be a good candidate?

Absolutely. My platform:
1) Thou shalt wear mascara at all times
2) Bouncy, shiny hair equals happiness
3) Kate Moss may be crazy, but sartorially she can do no wrong

7. Who is your least favorite reporter/columnist/journalist?

Oh, I think I've already burned enough bridges this month.

8. You have become a sort of insta-media star, what do you think of the
fame? Was it worth it?

Honestly, I don't think so. I let down people I care for - not a great

9. Do you suggest Conde Naste employees blog secrets so they too can
get a book deal?

Secrets? EVERYONE knows Lancome has the best mascara.

10. Are you worried that you’ve become famous for doing something
wrong? Kind of like how Monica Lewinsky became famous.

Wait, you mean people aren't interested in me because of my winning
smile and impossible-to-pronounce last name?

11. Who is the biggest bitch at Ladies Home Journal?

Apparently, it was me.

12. What is the worst product/brand/ that LHJ praised?

We genuinely loved everything we praised...but maybe we liked the
advertiser products a tad more.

13. How much free stuff did LHJ really receive. Did it ever pass down The ranks or was it always the treasures of the editors?

Our beauty closets contained enough face cream to hydrate and soften the entire Eastern seaboard. Luckily for the copy editors, we were generous.

14. Do you think you should have been fired or that Ladies Home Journal overreacted?

Well, I wasn't fired...but yes, I do think my intentions were
misinterpreted, unfortunately.

15. What are your future plans?

Nick, my darling, I'm waiting by the phone.

16. Do you think that it is wrong for editors to get so much free shit?
We love here it at Gawker.

Seriously, who doesn't like free stuff??

17. LHJ said you were immoral, is there anything you can accuse them of
that pales in comparison?

Did they really say that? I only heard a 'no comment'.

18. If you could say anything to the unruly Gawker readers what would it

You're fine. Washing your hair is totally overrated anyway.

19. Any shoutouts?

Go see The Walkup August 20th at Don Hill's. And, for the love of God, start watching Veronica Mars. That is all.

I could throw in my tagline 'Stay beautiful!' here, but a friend
pointed out that it reminds her of Ron Burgundy's 'Stay classy, San Diego!'.

And, you know, that's not quite the desired effect. :)
~ Nadine

Photo credits: Jeremy Nelson

Cellphone images of Nadine after the jump.


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